Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

When the stars in the darkness of sky are laughing at the guardians of this land, and the moonlight reached its peak, the Afghan Army soldiers and the nightlife of the land spoke with each other without grief of water and bread. They had bitter and sweet narratives of their families and life’s that have served in the most remote parts of the country for months, but they have no news of their wife and children. Meanwhile, Ahmad, a 24-year-old officer that he has newly born baby while he was in his check post, spokes about future of his baby and told his fellow partners in an army check post with 7 members in Jalraiz checkpoint. He believed that while his son would be bigger he will also serve as a military man to guard his motherland (Afghanistan), like his father, at the far end of the country.

In the middle of the night, the terrible sound of the Rocket crypt wall of the checkpoint tremble and adds anxiety to each guard at the checkpoint, Ahmad, who has been practicing many years in suppressing such attacks, and his colleagues Calms down. He shakes hands and yells with shaky voices. “From eagle to dagger, eagle-dagger-eagle, do you hear me.” A moment later, Ahmad’s anxiety stops with the silence increases but does not diminish and gives his subordinates an order to stand up. Prepare M-16 rifle and set ammo at the checkpoint for a dream come true with the enemy. Ahmad calls again “from eagle to dagger, eagle-dagger-eagle” Suddenly, a loud noise rises from above, I hear dagger, all good in your position. Ahmad says the enemy has attacked us and we need essential forces.

But the Taliban barrage does not allow the talks to continue. At least 100 warriors have launched an offensive attack on this checkpoint, and Ahmed’s unconscious command is giving a response. The Taliban have been attacking Ahmed’s checkpoints from four side and trying to conquer the checkpoint. Ahmad, who has a newly born baby, is still unaware of his fate and resists against all insurgents. In this conflict, the Taliban militants had injured a soldier, part of the right hand of the soldier has been hit by bullet, but he does not stop fighting. Ahmad tells the soldier to retreat, but in response the soldier says to Ahmad: “Commander, the command from the above is to take their trenches and cut of their heads. It’s easy to fight the last drop of blood. ”

The battle overturns the presence of Pakistani Taliban advisers, Pakistani intelligence officers who have been working for decades in Afghanistan, and did not hesitate to rule the geography of this land. The Taliban fighters has considered that the use of light weapons are not useful and they have to use heavy weapons to break the military’s resistance. First, the send a suicide bomber which explodes himself at the entrance to the Army Check post. Then the rocket and mortar flock to the outpost like rain, but there are men who are not related to their descendants and their identity is the same as military uniforms. They have pledged to each other to protect one another from the last drop of blood and not to put one’s body in their place.

The conflict continues for 4 hours and the Taliban suffer heavy casualties while additional forces reached the post. At least 4 Taliban Pakistani advisers were dead and some of the famous commanders of the group step down during this war. But at this checkpoint, including Ahmad 3 military service members sacrifice their lives for their mother and 2 others were wounded. Maybe Ahmad was martyred with all his hopes and he went to the grave, but the new wave of the revolution is alive, and dozens of other Ahmed has mad shields their breasts in this land and fight for the defense of Afghanistan.

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