Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Qudratullah Lashkari

One of the young Syrians who, like other members of his country as a result of the Assad regime’s attacks, has been struggling to make a serious living in Turkey. Yamin al-Khalf, who, like many Syrian citizens, was wounded and arrested during a demonstration against the regime of Bashar al-Assad, and the effect of the lack of investigation, has lost his leg in prison, told the story of his life in an interview with journalists. “He works for the family at the temporary workshops of the city of Riyalani and is trying to rebuild a life, and in this regard,” says Jenin, “my left foot was targeted at the demonstration by Assad’s snipers and taken to prison.

Several days I woke up from intense pain until I was gone. When I came to my senses, I saw that they stopped my leg. However, the torture continued by the guards. I was beaten. I stayed hungry and did not go to the bathroom for several weeks because of the electric current that passed through various organs of my body, I was nearly losing my mind. After two years, I was released on bail of $ 3,000. When I read the sentence in court, I realized that I had to be released a long time ago. If I was treated, there was no need to stop it. Thank God I am alive. I hope peace returns to my country. Doctors at one of the private hospitals in the city of Riyalani, Khatay Province, installed an artificial left foot for me. I have been living in Turkey since then and I am very happy. Thanks to the government and its people who opened their homes and hearts to us.

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