Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrdad

According to sources in Balkh, Ajmal Fayez is scheduled to be appointed as the new commander of Balkh police and as the successor to Abdul Raqib Mobariz, the current commander of the province. Sources who do not want to be named, underline that Mr Fayez was one of the Ministry of Interior’s suggested options, agreed by Ata Mohammad Noor, the Chief Executive Head of Jamyat Islami party, for this Position.

The source continues to emphasize that Mr Fayez will be selected tomorrow as the successor to Abdul Raqib Mobariz. While the selection of Abdul Raqib Mobariz as the new commander of Balkh Province led to armed tension and Atta Mohammad Noor gave the government a one-month deadline to choose a new figure instead of Mr Mobariz, we did not succeed in making the Ministry of Affairs We also have the interior in this case.

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