Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrdad

A young girl suicided for not receiving an Eid gift from her fiancé. According to reports, the incident occurred in Borka district of Baghlan north-eastern Afghanistan. Local sources who were speaking in the condition of anonymity told Pasbanan: “A newly engaged girl committed suicide after her end telephone conversation with her fiancé and this issue was due to verbal tension. The reason for this suicide was due to that she did not receive Eid Gift from her fiancé and also due to her family treating her. ”

The source continues to add, “She kills herself with weapons at home, when her fiancée becomes aware of the incident, he also tried to commit suicide, but her fiancé is admitted in a hospital in the local district of the district has been hospitalized for treatment.”

Sending Eid gift for the girl’s family is one of the serious problems among Afghan families who are engaging their family, which leads to the breakdown of family relationships and even death. So far, security sources in the district of Baghlan and Baghlan Police have not expressed their views on this issue.

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