Pasbanan- Kabul:

A 21-year-old Swedish student, after getting onboard to plane tried to prevent the deportation of an Afghan migrant which was expelled from Switzerland. According to Elin Ernson, a Swiss student after the purchase of the Sweden-Istanbul Ticket and getting onboard to the aircraft prevented the return of asylum seekers who were supposed to be relocated to his Afghanistan after suffering a lot. The 21-year-old student, with the live broadcast of this protest, left the seat at first because she wanted to stop flying the plane. This video has been viewed more than two million times.

Elin Erdison says in the video broadcasted in her page: “I will not sit in my seat until this man won’t get out of the pale. Because possibly he will be killed after takeoff.” a man who is also traveling in this plane voiced Elin and told her to think about kids who are onboard. She added: “yes I am doing the same work to rescue a person. Until someone stands pilot would be unable to take off. All I want is to prevent the deportation of a person, after that, I will accept all the rules. These all are legal and I haven’t committed any crime.”

After a few minutes, another passenger joins Elin and after discussions, the asylum seeker was out of the plane. Elin says: “as I didn’t say what happened to that Afghan asylum seeker but after discussions cabin crew let him get out of the plane and I prevented his deportation to Afghanistan.”


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