Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

According to local sources in Logar, the southeastern neighbor of Kabul the Afghanistan capital, a pregnant woman was burnt by the Taliban in the Azra district of Logar. The source said the Taliban group had killed this woman as she was pregnant and it was stated she was an Afghan army soldier wife. The appearance of this issue on social networks, especially Facebook, has sparked a sharp reaction, and most users of these networks say that peace with the Taliban is not possible in this situation, because they are not dependent on any human and Islamic principles.

Security officials did not comment on the incident, but they are said to have begun to check the accuracy of the news from local and central security agencies. So far, the Taliban have not reacted to this issue.

The report is being released as a prelude to the shooting of two other women in the northern provinces of the country. The act of killing a pregnant woman in Faryab and another woman, who was the mother of four children, the reason for killing these two women was stated co-operating with the security forces. In addition, the Taliban in Ghazni province have instructed the education directorate officials and employees to comply with their principles.

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