Reports originating from northern Afghanistan; a district governor of Taliban group for Borka district was killed in an air strike in Baghlan province.

According to the Pasbanan media group, 209 Shahin Corps commander in the north of the country confirms the incident and adds that yesterday, A29 aircrafts targeting a Taliban- vehicle in Baghlan province. As a result of the air strike, Mawlavi Saifuddin, known as Hudhifa, the Taliban shadow district governor for the Borka district of Baghlan, with 14 other insurgents were killed and at the same time, 13 members of the Taliban group have been wounded.

This army command did not give any further details on this and did not say that civilians were hurt during the operation. The Taliban have still rejected or denied the news. Baghlan is considered one of the insecure provinces in the northeastern part of Afghanistan, where the Taliban is widely represented in its areas and is carrying out terrorist activities.



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