Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

In the most recent case, a video of Taliban drug production facility has been published in social media, which shows at least a dozen youngsters are engaging in producing heroin-type drugs. In these images, it appears that the Taliban are algebraically exploiting young people in the production and cultivation of narcotics. According to the video Taliban, in their areas of under control, they are busy with collecting of at least 10 percent of the people who are being harassed by narcotics, and they continue to fight for the production and sale of the phenomenon.

At the moment, the Taliban have announced that they will expand their areas of governance, an issue that has raised concerns of the Afghan citizens, and they believe that the Taliban will expand their territory and by expanding their territory they will try to develop narcotic drugs in insecure provinces. Meanwhile, military sources say that more than 50 percent of the Taliban’s funds are now coming from producing narcotics.

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