Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Report: Qudratullah Lashkari

Security officials announced that during 20 October 2018 election terrorists launched 193 terrorist attacks around the country, that killed at least 27 civilians and 100 others got injured. Akhtar Mohammad Ebrahimi, interior ministry senior deputy told media in a press conference which was held Saturday late night that security incidents in 2018 parliamentary elections had decrease than 2014 presidential elections around 50 percent. He adds: “terrorists launched 193 terrorist attacks in 32 provinces of Afghanistan that includes attack on voting centers, suicide bombing, firing, throwing grenades, and also explosion of multi types of mines.”

According to Mr. Ebrahimi, terrorists were able to launch one suicide attack, several attacks on voting centers, 71 times firing with light and heavy weaponry on voting centers, throwing bombs, throwing 12 sound mines, 26 times attacks on security check posts and also several blasts in 32 provinces of Afghanistan. During this incident, at least 8 police members and one national army member lost their lives and several other military men got injured during these attacks.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan national army chief of Staff says that holding this election once again showed the weakness of Taliban insurgents. Mohammad Sharif Yaftaly Afghan army chief of staff also added: “Afghan security and defense forces including Afghan army, police and National Directorate of Security (NDS) were planning from months to provide security to the election process, and finally holding successfully parliamentary elections in 20 October of 2018 once again showed that terrorist groups are weak to prevent the well of people. Meanwhile, our security forces have their first class preparation to provide security for 371 centers which were closed on Saturday.”

Afghanistan security officials also highlighted that up to the end of election process and transformation of election sensitive and non-sensitive materials form provinces to Kabul they will hold their security measures. According to the Afghanistan Independent Election Commission (IEC) plan, they were trying to hold elections in 5047 centers and 21thousand voting place around the country, but the government was able to hold election process in more than 4500 centers and in rest 371 centers technical and security challenges caused closure and election process would be followed tomorrow.


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