Kabul-Afghanistan (P.M.G)

Reporter: Soria Ahadi

The election independent commission announced that: the united nations and the other helper counties are no longer willing to pay presidential election’s Budget in Afghanistan. Meanwhile that the registration process for presidential election was finished few days ago and the election independent commission is worried about the budget supplying of the presidential election of the next year in Afghanistan because the past elections budget was supplied by the united nations and helper countries in Afghanistan and the are no longer willing to pay elections budget.

The Supervisory entities for Afghanistan’s elections say: until a Fundamental reform in elections commission is not coming, the united nations and helper countries will no longer willing to pay budget of elections in Afghanistan’s election for next year. Meanwhile that the presidential elections of Afghanistan will held with 3-month delay in (July of 2019) year. There is a saying that the presidential election delay for 3-month cause of the peace by request of America

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