Pasbanan- Kabul

Following US pressure on Pakistan, the United States House of Representatives, after cutting off military aid, examines a bill to cut civilian aid to Pakistan. According to US media, the US House of Representatives say that Pakistan provides soldiers with military and intelligence assistance to terrorists, therefore, the aid would be cut off. This is while Pakistan denies these charges. The current congressional debate about the logic of continuing US assistance to Pakistan follows the tune of President Trump at the beginning of New Year. In this message, he reminded that Pakistan had received more than $ 33 billion in the past 15 years from United States, and instead had nothing but lies and deceptions. The United States contributed nearly $ 1.1 billion in military and civilian assistance to Pakistan each year. It is expected that the money given to Pakistan would be spent on infrastructure projects in United States.

“This is a common sense,” Massey, a member of the American Congress, said, “We can first allocate this tax money to the roads and bridges in our home, rather than spending money abroad.” Meanwhile, another member of the Congress, Sanford added, “When Americans supports other countries, we should not use our generosity to reward those who are terrorists with American taxpayer dollars.” Earlier, US ambassador to the UN Nicky Haley has warned that Pakistan’s “dual play” is unacceptable for the United States and that all US aid to that country is likely to be cut off.

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