Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrdad

A number of families of ISIS fighters who are now in the Baghlan province and now they are living in an unknown condition after their relatives were killed in a battle with the Afghan security forces. According to a security source in Baghlan: “A number of ISIS fighters came to the district of Borka two years ago, and they were recruiting locals from the area, but after the residents’ awareness, the fighters were forced to leave the village, but these fighters were able to recruit at least 12 locals as their fighters and these people were attracted to their group and they were taken to Nangarhar in a series of events.”

“Once these men were transmitted mysteriously to Nangarhar province, their fate was unknown for a long time, until the families of these fighters confirmed the death of their relatives,” the source added. “Now the women and children of these fighters are in bad shape and their living conditions are overwhelmed.”

The source continues to emphasize that all these 12 ISIS fighters have been killed in the Afghan Air force operation in Nangarhar, and now the children of these fighters have left from having the education and the local government cannot help the families of the fighters.

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