Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Sayed Mojtaba Sadat

According to Pakistani Media Mullah Ghani’s brother, deputy of Mullah Mohammad Omar former leader of the Taliban group was released from Pakistan jail yesterday. Pakistani media have reported that the former Taliban second commander and the chief was freed after an agreement reached between Islamabad and Washington. The Pakistani Foreign Ministry has released a newsletter highlighting that peace-building in Afghanistan is one of the regional and important issues for Pakistan’s newly established government “The United States and Pakistan are committed to working together to bring peace and stability in Afghanistan,” Dr. Mohammad Faisal raised this issue at a news conference in Islamabad. “Peace in Afghanistan is important for Pakistan and for the international community because the security and stability of the country will lead to the destruction of terrorist nests in Pakistan. And we believe on the joint cooperation of all parties in this regard” he added.

The Taliban group announced a day ago that Mullah Ghani’s brother was released after an understanding by the US delegation with the Taliban leadership in Qatar. Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said in a newsletter: “We confirm that two senior Taliban officials, including Mullah Ghani’s brother, former deputy of Mullah Omar, have been released from the Pakistani prisons, and this issue is a part of the Taliban’s mutual understanding with the American delegation.”

Nonetheless, the Secretary-General has praised indirectly the Taliban talks face to face talks with Washington. jeans Stoltenberg, who attended a news conference, he said: “The talks between the Taliban and the US government are very valuable. Undoubtedly, these talks are being in place by coordination with Kabul, we must send a clear message to the Taliban that NATO and the United States never wants to continue the battle, and these dialogues are a clear message to the political opponents of the national unity government. NATO supports any action that will lead to a peaceful solution and the end of the political violence in Afghanistan. ”

This weekend, Zalmay Khalilzad, a special representative of the US Department of State, had met with Pakistani officials for peace in Afghanistan. unconfirmed reports show that the release of Mullah Ghani’s brother was also the result of an agreement between Pakistani officials and Mr. Khalilzad, but the Taliban newsletter rejected these claims.

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