Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

After a massive social media campaign under the name of Hashtag “#, Where is #ATRA?” # Stop stealing of telecommunication networks” Twitter users now wrote that the US Special Inspector General for Reconstruction of Afghanistan is working to find ATRA. One of the users wrote: “Although all the Afghan citizens have a magnifying glass and have been working to find the ATRA, now the US Special Inspector General for Reconstruction of Afghanistan, assures citizens that they are working to find ATRA From anywhere in the world that the authorities of this directorate are hidden.”

Meanwhile, another user has written: “The ATRA has disappeared so much that if Donald Trump also comes to Afghanistan with their all technology, that US government have in hand than they would be failed in finding ATRA.”

The tweeting campaign started today on Sunday and all twitters are complaining of telecoms services in the country, they have accused telecommunications companies of overt theft and urged the government to prevent them from stolen as soon as possible, and with the cooperation of ATRA’s office with them.

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