Reporter: Shekib Zaheer

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro said he would cut off diplomatic relations with the United States. The decision was made when Donald Trump officially called the head of the National Assembly, Mr. Hwang Guido, as president. In addition to the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Peru have also recognized Mr. Guido as the legitimate President of Venezuela.

Mr. Maduro spoke among to his supporters saying US diplomats had 72 hours must to leave the country. In the response to the decision, the United States said that Maduro’s government was not legitimate and could not cut off relations with the United States. “The United States will maintain diplomatic relations with Venezuela and will carry out its relations through the interim president, Huavan Guido, and Mr. Guido has asked us to stay in Venezuela,” US Secretary of State Mike Pompeau wrote in a statement.

Mr. Tramp said if the Venezuelan government suppresses the opposition, the US reserves the right to use “all possible options” against it.

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