Pasbanan- Kabul:

President Ghani has ordered all civil and military officials in 34 provinces of Afghanistan to support a transparent election, He has said this issue in a meeting called Tawhid. President has ordered all officials to support and protect voter’s registration process. He has highlighted that Based on the principle of neutrality if anyone interferes or tried to influence in the process, they will be punished according to law.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive of the National Unity Government (NUG), called on United Nations in a meeting with the United Nations Special Representative for Afghanistan, that holding transparent and fair elections is one of the serious obligations of the national unity government. Mr. Abdullah said during his meeting with Madam Hayden that UN assistance and its agencies are important to facilitate transparent, universal and fair elections in Afghanistan and the government is committed for holding the upcoming including parliamentary and presidential elections in a fair environment.

However, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) announces the voter’s registration process will begin on 14th of April 2018. The Independent Election Commission (IEC) chairman said the voter registration process will continue for two months and then working groups in 34 provinces of Afghanistan will remain in place to enroll all citizens eligible for voting.

The government emphasizes on holding of the election on the basis of a predetermined timetable, however, Election observers say the government has been in missed all the opportunities, and it is likely that this round of elections will be accompanied by widespread fraud.

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