Pasbanan- Kabul:

High ranking officials of Resolute Support Mission has said that there is a high possibility of increasing military operations against ISK fighters in Afghanistan. John Nicholson the commander of US and Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan told in Brussels yesterday: that US will increase their military pressure and operations against ISK fighters. US four-star general believes that currently around 2 thousand ISK fighters are based in Afghanistan and most of them have safe heavens in Nangarhar.

Meanwhile, Resolute Support Mission commander has welcomed cease-fire proposal of the Afghan government to Taliban. He has added: this cease-fire will root out milestones from a head of operations against ISK. According to reports ISK fighters are responsible for several bloodsheds in the country. But there are some believes that ISK fighters are just named that is a code name for Haqqani network insurgent group to target Afghan citizens.


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