Reporter: Mohammad Yassin Sadaat

Nematullah is a soldier of the Afghan army who had just been buried one year ago.

A Voice of America television report said:

Nematullah is an army soldier arrested by the Taliban in a battle against the Taliban in Uruzgan province. The government had entrusted the body of another person to his family whose body had been buried, but Nematullah returned home a year after the Taliban was released.

Father of Nematullah says: “I was busy working on land when an unknown number called me. I asked who you are. He answers that I am your son Nematullah. Did I ask which Nematullah? Said your son.

He said I tell for him that I had buried my son’s body with my hands, Nematollah’s name on the phone turned out to be a nuisance.

I told him not to disturb anyone, but he insisted that I was your son, I was arrested by Taliban, I was imprisoned by my government last night and released me from their captivity, and now I have come to myself.

Nematullah, who had been nominated before being nominated, says I will return to my duty after the wedding and protect my home.

The body, buried in the village of Nematullah, remains unclear as to which soldier it is.

It has been several times that one soldier has been taken to his family and buried instead of another.

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