Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG)

Reporter: Shersha Nawabi

In most human rights laws, humans are free to choose land in each territory and bring the night to morning. But few people will think that Iran, including the Islamic countries, has the ugliest and most brutal deal with Afghan refugees. A country that is considered to be the co-driver and good neighbor in many cases.

In the latest video on social media, an Iranian soldier is beating at least 10 Afghan arrested refugees and then smashed them ugliest collision that is based on the principles of international law Insulting humans. In this video, the first Iranian soldier is beaten Afghan soldier and then begins to insulting them.

This is not the first time that Afghan refugees are faced with such a hostile attitude of Iranian military and even physical encounters. But the government has remained silent in most cases. But unlike the past, Shah Hussein Mortazawi deputy of presidential spokesman, called on media to highlight the issue of insulting refuges instate of pointing to his las reaction against media that he called reporters illiterate, he has also urged media to be realistic in such cases, But no government officials have yet commented on this regard. With all efforts, we were unable to speak with the foreign ministry and immigration ministry officials.


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