Kabul-Afghanistan (P.M.G):

Reporter: Lutfullah Nijrabi

While Pakistani-Indian relations face severe tensions, Pakistan has suspended all Afghan flights to India. Qassim Rahimi, a spokesman for the country’s air agency, said: “According to the Pakistan Air Authority, Afghanistan’s flights to India, which led to airline flights, have been suspended. Upon receipt of this information, we have suspended all companies and flights from Afghanistan to India and we are waiting for the next information. “Meanwhile, a plane from Kam- Air, which had flown from Kabul to New Delhi yesterday, did not let its airspace fly. A number of countries in the world, including airlines from Brittany, UAE, Golf, Sri Lanka and Air Canada, have suspended their flights to Pakistan. Meanwhile, Singapore Air flight and Fine Aircrafts, which cross Pakistan’s privacy, also stopped their flights. The Afghan Civil Aviation Administration says flights between Kabul and New Delhi will be halted until tensions between Pakistan and India are resolved.

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