Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrdad

Up to now at least 3 armed attackers on the Baghlan Police Command has been killed by police but the war is still ongoing. The correspondent of Pasbanan, who is currently present at the scene, says that the police have been able to kill with at least three attackers and that clearing operations continue by the force involved in the cleaning operation of this incident. Terrorists attacked Baghlan Police Headquarters at 12:50 pm after lunch on Sunday. In the first place, a vehicle full of explosive materials was blow up by the insurgents against the entrance gate of Baghlan Police Headquarters, and several other insurgents entered the police headquarters and engaged in clashes.

It is also said that dozens of wounded civilians have been transferred to Baghlan hospitals from the incident scene. Security sources continue to emphasize that more than five insurgents were involved in the conflict. The Taliban have been responsible for the attack.

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