Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: M.M North Zone

The sources in Balkh told Pasbanan that Atta Mohammad Noor has selected three new alternatives to succeed Abdul Raqib Mobarez, the newly appointed Balkh commander. The source says, “Atta Muhammad Noor, the Chief Executive of Jamyat Islami in a meeting with Assad Allah Khalid and Massoud Andarabi, has introduced three alternatives to replace as the new commander of Balkh Province.”

The source insists Sharif Yaftali, former army chief of staff and deputy head of the National Security Council, General Abdul Raziq, security chief of Balkh and Commander Abdul Wadood, are the three alternatives which are selected by Mr. Atta, and they are including the proposal list of Atta Mohammad Noor to be appointed as the new commander of Balkh. The source emphasizes that so far the ministry of defense and interior affairs did not say anything about these three options. But it is expected that the proposed list of Mr. Ata will be shared with the President.

So far, officials in Balkh have not officially expressed their views on this matter, while Mr. Noor’s office has been called on all the supporters of the Jamyat Islami Party to face the presidential palace new appointment for Balkh police commanding head.

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