Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Zabihullah Wafa

Local authorities in Ghour say due to heavy rainfall and devastating floods in the province have caused casualties and financial losses to residents of Ghour. Ghour Province spokesman Abdulhai Khatibi said: “Thunderstorm struck in the city of Firoozkooh, the capital of this province, during this natural disaster at least two members of a family was and three others got wounded. The injured are being transferred to the Ghour Provincial Hospital. ”

Mr. Khatibi continues to add: “The effects of rain and flooding in the city of Firoozkooh have caused damage to dozens of residential homes and have triggered huge financial losses to the people.” Also, the residents of Firoozkooh, Ghour Province, say Due to the flood’s devastation, they have lost all their facilities; they urge the government to send them instant support as soon as possible.

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