Pasbanan- Kabul:

Around 10 Am of Monday buzz of terrorists entered Kabul Shar-e-Now caused fair among citizens in the capital. This issue forced several shopkeepers to shut down their shops in the center of the city and hundreds of Kabul citizens were frightened. Abdullah is a painter, he is so hangry because of an abnormal situation in the site. He says: “a few minutes ago someone said 3 suicide bombers have placed their self somewhere in Shar-e-Now and they will blow up some of these institutions around us. This issue caused financial loss, at least in here rent of one shop is 800 to 1000 dollars. So it is a huge loss for us, officials are careless in such issues and the government is unable to prevent terrorists from entering the city.”

Zubair is one another painter, today he was unable to make money even 10 Afghanis. He said to Pasbanan: “there is no working opportunity to Kabul city, above all when you hear about attacks that will be in placed here so it will take all work opportunities in the capital of the country.” Yasser is a shopkeeper selling electronic devices, he says: “I am remorseful of investing in here. While security treats raise in here, no one will dare to be in the bazaar and buy their needs. It is so concerning for us.”

In another corner of the city, a shopkeeper who sells cake and cookies is so afraid. From morning until evening he was unable to provide orders for his customers. His name is Abdul Mateen. He said to PMG: “in past months we had so many rushes. But now our work is down up to 50 percent from morning until now 2 customers have visited my shop.”

This incident took place in the same area while on past Wednesday few terrorists enter PD 10 and started the fight with security forces for several hours, which cause a huge fair among citizens.

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