Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Written by: Sadaf Khuram

Beginning of a sunny day with a bruised sky in Kabul was a start to my long-awaited dreams that I tried to achieve them from several years. The day I went to a government agency to sign my contract. The other encouraging news was that the Taliban were abandoning the battle and will soon the group would launch direct peace dialogues with the Afghan government officials, I thought that the horror and the shadow of the gun would be diminishing and new opportunities To fertilize my future and the future thousands other young people like me, so I was on my way with several dreams and thoughts.

With great enthusiasm, I arrived at the chamber of commerce at 8:30 am, where for the first time I was going to be recruited as an official employee of this office, I was supposed to sign a work contract, and then I would be guided to my office, like me, hundreds of other employees and citizens were attending the site to do their daily work, I had come to the recruiting office, which suddenly I heard the most terrible sound, as I thought this event happened in front of me. It was difficult for me to focus on where I was and for what I am there. I could not even focus on the smallest subject. More oddly, everyone was horrified like me, and the blue sky had now changed its face, the dust that had sprung from the blast scene had been floating around everywhere, and they had all the night experience bright.

The sun would be even more dazzling because the smoke changed the face of the day like the night for everyone. We waited for the moment, and suddenly the guards of Chambers of Commerce and Industries guided us to a more relaxed place, I was completely horrified and several horrible thoughts were coming to my mind, sometimes I thought, maybe with a few moments of difference, I could bring the one of the victims of this incident. And for a moment, I thought about who was sacrificed in this event and how many families were mourning tonight, I was evacuated from the scene of the event with terror, and there was no more calm and silent in Kabul; everyone was rushing in. The people rushed to the venue, the city had a military face, and the troops were fighting to contain post-explosive threats. They had their hands on the triggers of the guns and they were very shocked.

The horror of all, like me, had made it clear that living in this land was a coincidence and even a moment could not be hoped for survival. As soon as I arrived at home, my mother, who was not in good condition, hugged me while she had a threw at her throat, and asked me with eyes full of tears, you are still alive, and with a feeling of sorrow, she said, thank God you are back home. But her speech had a bitter message to me because the horror and the sound of the blast had forced her to ask her motherly affection that I would never think of having to take on the task after this, and no longer go to the Chamber of commerce and industries as an employee of this office. Like my mother, thousands of other mothers also had the same thought in Kabul the same day, and they have the same idea every day in Kabul, when their children are going outside of the house, they do not know if their beloved once are coming back or not, but it proved to me that There is no belief in the future in this country, and even a moment cannot be believed to survive in Kabul.

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