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Reporter: Morteza Haidari

The Afghan Premier League was launched on 7th of October 2018 with four months’ delay. and finished with the participation of eight teams from four zones. According to the plan of Afghan football federation, the league was set to be played earlier but funding issues were the main challenge for starting the Afghan premier league tournament. Finally, it was Afghan football federation and Afghan premier league committee, that they managed to fundraise and they were able to encourage a young businessman and parliamentary elections candidate to raise funding for this league. Rahmani foundation was the only nonprofit organization who financed the league.

The tournament began on 7th October with participation of eight teams from four zones in two groups. According to Afghanistan football federation, the eight teams were Shaheen Asmaye representing Northern provinces, Oqaban Hindukush representing northeastern, Mawj Ha-e-Amo representing great Kabul, De Maiwand Atalan representing eastern provinces, Toofan Harirod representing east western, Abassin Sapay representing western provinces, Speenghar Bazan representing eastern provinces and Sem Mourgh Alborz representing southern provinces of the country.

The first match began with the play of Shaheen Asmaye against Mawj Ha-e-Amo, the match ended by 2-0 victory of Shaheen Asmaye, 4 years’ champion of Afghan football premier league. In the second match, Toofan Harirod and Maiwand Atalan faced each other and the game resulted in 2-4 in the interest of Maiwand Atalan. The third match began with the play of Abassin Sapay and Speenghar Bazan, in the end, Speenghar beat his opposite by 2-3. At the fourth match Toofan Harirod beat Sim Mourgh Alborz by 1-0, in the fifth match Shaheen Asmaye crashed Abassin Sapay by 1-0, in the sixth match Maiwand Atalan beach Toofan Harirod 3-0, in the seventh match Mawj Ha-e-Amo and Speenghar Bazan scored 1-1, in the eight match Oqaban Hindukush exhausted Sim Mourgh Alborz by 3-1, in the ninth match Speenghar Bazan beats Shaheen Asmaye 3-1, the tenth match was held between Sim Mourgh Alborz and Maiwand Atalan with victory of 1-3 by Sim Mourgh Alborz, in the eleventh match Mawj Ha-e-Amo maid an equal faith of 1-1, and in the twelfth and final group match Toofan Harirod beat Oqaban Hindukush by the result of 3-0.

In the first Semifinal match, Maiwand Atalan was beaten by Shaheen Asmaye with the result of 1-0 and in the second semifinal match Toofan beats De Abassin Sapay by the result of 4- . and after four years of absence once again they reach to final. The final match was held between Shaheen Asmaye and Toofan Harirod in the 25th of October 2018. In 90 minutes both teams were unable to score any goal. But it was Toofan Harirod who changed their destiny by scoring a single goal in the 102 minutes of the game. After four years, once again Toofan Harirod become champion of this tournament and win the cup, after 4 years of victory by Shaheen Asmaye.

The best player of this tournament was elected from Shaheen Asmaye team, it is worth to say that final match was held at the presence of Afghanistan high ranking officials and Afghan Cricket stars, including Abdullah Abdullah, the chief executive of National Unity government. the Kabul citizens believe that holding Afghanistan football premier league was a big achievement and entertainment program for the citizens of the war-torn country. At the same time, Afghanistan football federation has announced that holding Afghanistan football premier league was successful and they emphasize that this tournament provides a new opportunity to elect elite football figures for Afghanistan National football team.


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