Pasbanan- Kabul:

Four new ambulances were transferred to the Ghazni civilian hospital.

Ghazni Health Director, doctor Zahir Shah Nikmil said: “These four ambulances were donated to the hospital in collaboration with the Bakhtar organization, he told the issue to Pasbanan Media group.

Wahidullah Kalimzai, the governor of Ghazni, expressed hope that the ambulances would be able to get patients to the civilian hospital of Ghazni and the Kabul hospitals in a short period of time to improve the health situation of patients rapidly, he told this in the process of conceding these new ambulances.

He added that the lack of ambulance had caused some patients and wounded to not eventually arrive at the hospital. He called on the officials at the civilians Hospital to pay close attention to the protection and proper use of these ambulances.


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