Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

By: Sonatullah Timor

In order to achieve peace and prosperity, the Afghan government has been expanding its efforts for boosting peace talks between the Taliban and the government of the United States from various dimensions and has been fast tracking to see the success and efficiency of peace every day.

The Afghan National Security Advisor Hamdullah Moheb’s visit to Uzbekistan undoubtedly helped the government to speed up their efforts for peace to the country and created more opportunities for Afghan-led peace talks. He has discussed all important issues with senior officials of Uzbekistan, especially high ranking security officials. Exactly, the country of Uzbekistan is considered one of the most important and aspiring countries in Afghanistan’s peace, and its relationship with Taliban’s representatives in Qatar is well-known, recently in past few days, the Uzbek foreign minister meet with Mullah Bradar, the political representative and second man in charge of Taliban in Qatar, the main objective of this meeting was focused on the realization of peace and the end of Afghanistan war. Undoubtedly, some countries in the region will help the Afghan government and progress of peace talks if they act honestly in order to facilitate and efficiently work with Afghans, because so far they are often neutral and their efforts will succeed.

At the same time that the government of Afghanistan has struggled to take ownership of the talks and, given the current climate of involvement of the regional countries in this process, has devoted itself to thinking and thinking. An effective road map for ending the afghan war in the country. One round of national security adviser travels in the region has been beneficial for attracting regional attention and cooperation on the issue of end the war in Afghanistan and the facilitation of Afghan-led peace talks, and at least the mentioned countries intervened in the process to support ownership and The leadership of the Afghan people and the government of Afghanistan emphasized the preservation of the 18-years achievements of the Afghan government in these talks.

Awareness of the current visit of the Afghan National Security Advisers and of Uzbekistan further emphasized the expansion of cooperation between the two countries. Two Plans on Various Issues Covered by the Joint Fight against Panic, Joint Vulnerability against Drug Trafficking, Border Cooperation, Health Cooperation in the framework of Security Institutions, Development of Economic Cooperation, Infrastructure, Intercultural, Educational and Cultural Issues. They made it.

The two national security advisers also discussed the development of joint cooperation documents in various sectors, in particular the fight against regional terrorists and extremists, and the national security adviser from Uzbekistan has implemented the peace process and the end of the war in Afghanistan from the needs and priorities. In the region, according to the official, the instability and continuation of the Afghan conflict in the current situation, considered the region dangerous and gratitude to the victims of the people and security forces of this country.

Dr. Mahmudov emphasized that his country’s position in supporting the peace process is that peace support in Afghanistan is only possible for the leadership and ownership of the Afghans. According to the goodwill of the Security Service of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the country promised to cooperate in this regard, we can say that the efforts and visits of the Afghan National Security Advisor to engage the region in peace talks and to get the government to manage this process. Afghanistan has undoubtedly been effective and requires that such travel and effort be intensified, because in the current situation in Afghanistan, this will be needed in the region.

Meanwhile, the High Peace Council of Afghanistan, in response to the visit of the foreign minister of Uzbekistan to the deputy group of the Taliban, says that Uzbekistan can play a key role in the Afghan peace talks. Uzbekistan has previously said it is ready to host peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban. President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Mikhail Ziyayev, said at a Tashkent meeting held during the month of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa that any attempt to prevent the continuation Violence will be used in Afghanistan and the region.

While one Taliban newsletter said that Mr. Kelovov said, his country is ready for any kind of cooperation in the peace sector with Afghanistan. The Foreign Ministry of Bishkek also said that Abdulaziz Khalilov will be in Qatar from March 3-5. Officials from Abkhazia and the deputy director of the Taliban group have met during a meeting with the representatives of the group after the two-day interruption, the third day in which the fifth round talks with Zalmai Khalilzad, the special representative of the US State Department for Afghanistan’s peace in Qatar.

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