Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Written: Wahidullah Frootan

The head of the National Defense Ministry has now become a myth, and he has been able to blow up the Taliban in the following months with strong blows on the body of the Taliban, remove the districts from the group, and detain the security forces from the country. Taliban prisons have released. Now, this act of Asadullah Khalid has been admirable and worthwhile for a number of citizens of the country. Wahidullah Frootan has written about the head of the National Defense Ministry: “This anti-Taliban face should be appreciated, What He says, immediately He acts. Those districts which are under the possession of Taliban immediately Khalid operations will initiation.”

Mr. Frootan has also stated: “Khalid operation follows the enemy by cruel birds from the sky and by dangerous Tanks from the earth and by one shoot it will roast armed Taliban. Recently Khalid operation is progressing intensity. They will eradicate the Taliban and their supporters from the globe of the earth.” The head of the National Defense Ministry announced that he would not hesitate to release the country’s security and defense forces from Taliban prisons, and will launch the heaviest operations to crack down on Taliban militants.

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