Pasbanan- Kabul:

US president Donald Trump has said that after resolving unnecessary restrictions on US forces in Afghanistan, they have fulfilled their objectives and goals in Afghanistan war and they have gained further achievements. Mr. Trump did not provide further details on this regard, but while he was speaking among US veterans and military service members he said: “we have resolved all unnecessary restrictions on US military members in Afghanistan and after several years now we have gained further achievements in this war.” US president stated this issue in a time that currently US air strikes have increased on terrorist’s bases including ISIS and Taliban in huge amount.

According to statics released by US forces Air command in recent 6 months of 2018 American forces has targeted insurgent camps and bases using 2911 rockets and bombs in different parts of the country to target Afghan government opposite groups. Recently US Special inspector for reconstruction of Afghanistan has stated on May that from all 407 districts Afghan government is controlling 229 districts that are around 56.3 percent of Afghanistan land.

According to US watchdog report: in the same period Taliban are controlling 59 districts or 14.5 percent of Afghan geography and both sides are currently in the fight with each other to control 119 districts or 29.2 percent of Afghanistan geography.


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