Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Emran Khurasani

US president Donald Trump has stated in his second speech to the nation in the Congress that Iran is a terror sponsor country. Trump said: “Iran is the world’s dictator and corrupted country which sponsors terrorism worldwide, will not allow them to achieve a nuclear weapon. The country which raises their voice for down to America and warns us for the genocide of Jews we will never let them achieve their goals.”

Iran denies all the efforts for achieving nuclear weapon; as the first reaction Iran foreign minister Jawad Zarif wrote in his twitter: “enmity of USA, has taken this country closer to the dictators, killers, and extremism and these kinds of reactions will take our region to more disaster and worsening situation.”

Meanwhile, Trump has highlighted that in recent two years US economy has speedy growth event the world’s economical countries are regretted from these achievements. He has also stated: “Our Military servicemen and women are the most powerful force in the world and every day the US is succeeding.” Trump warned Iran in a time that in the past 2 years the country is facing economic sanctions and the rate of currency and first needs price has increased 4 times all around Iran.

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