Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, known for his work and nightlife efforts, quoted by deputy spokesman, Shah Hussein Mortazawi, president who works for 18 hours a day, has spent several days without attending official government meetings and visits with foreign diplomats, and all meetings were set in his absence. Social network users quoted from sources at the Presidential Palace that Ghani has not been present at government meetings for two days, and presidential meetings have been run by Dr. Abdullah, the Chief Executive of National Unity Government.

According to reports released on social networks, Mr. Abdullah, in addition to managing the National Procurement meeting at the Presidential Palace, also led the Afghan delegation to discuss with the US Deputy Secretary of State Iles Wales. Along with this issues the official pages of the Presidential Palace and government information sections, these days, has not published any news or a picture from the presence of president in official and informal circles.

Apparently, the publication of this report on social networks has sparked the reaction of Mr. Abdullah’s office spokesman. Chief Executive Office spokesman Mujib Rahimi wrote on his Facebook page: “Sometimes, based on the need and necessity of the Chief Executive Director, attend some formal meetings which would be held at the Presidential Palace and other official places. This time, according to the necessity of National Unity Government leadership, he has managed the National Procurement meeting and the meeting on upcoming support of US Civilian Democracy Review Dialogues at the Presidential Palace.

Along with that, Mr. Rahimi, in his article, may have some other indications as to the health situation of the presidency and possibly he has pointed to this issue very well as he has wrote at the end of his text: “those issues that are in social media I can say are fake and no incident had happen to him, and the arguments that have not been raised about the absence of the president at these meetings are not correct?”

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