Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG)

Reporter: Shaker Sangi

Six people including police member were wounded in two separate events in Khost province, security officials said. According to the Khost police newsletter, the event occurred after lunch on Sunday. According to police, the first incident took place near to the City Center building, and another event took place in the same place shortly after the first explosion.

The first event was a mine explosion which occurred against the building and the second event of the explosion occurred due to an explosion of a motorcycle full of explosion when security forces arrived at the site to inspect the event, the governor’s spokesman Talib Mangal said. At the moment, the wounded have been transferred to the hospital, and the police have been able to prevent a third incident involving explosive devices. ”

Khost is a relatively one of Afghanistan’s secure in the southeast, which borders Pakistan and has always been evidence of Taliban movements. Meanwhile, security officials in the province are confident that the Taliban will not be able to deal with the security forces of the province, and they will launch explosive operations.

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