Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

A number of “500 families” area residents in the Kabul 11th district said that during clashes between police and a number of trampolines in the area this morning, at least two students who were going to school were killed in firing of Police. Event witnesses say the two children were shot dead when the police used the weapons to arrest the tramps. Meanwhile, event witnesses say that after the murder of these two children, the residents of the area are involved with the police and the conflict is likely to be wider.

The Kabul Police Command has not yet responded to the incident. The conflict is taking place in the “500 Families” area of Kabul 11th district, where locals are worried about the widespread presence of the tramp and the increase in criminal offenses in the area and made the police indifferent to the security of the city of Kabul, especially the security of the area. The eleventh district residents also accuse Kabul police in having hand with these people.

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