Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Report: Mohammad Din Agharkhail

Tadamichi Yamamoto UN secretary general special representative for Afghanistan has stated that both elections and peace are top priorities for the United Nations. According to Yamamoto: “Regarding efforts related to the upcoming presidential elections and the work to create an initial peace framework in Afghanistan, I wish to reiterate that both processes are top priorities for the United Nations, Neither process should be harmed or held back by the other; both processes must move forward with the full force and commitment of all stakeholders.”

He has also stressed: “While there are clear links between these critical processes, as they both will substantially affect Afghanistan’s future, the United Nations will continue to do all it can in both areas.

He has also warned that Afghanistan cannot afford a contentious and protracted post-election crisis that could result in a president with brittle democratic and domestic legitimacy, as this would harm the new president’s ability to bring the Afghan people together in a meaningful and representative peace process.

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