Pasbanan- Kabul:

United Nations Assistant Mission in Afghanistan says: that in past one month at least 23 registering voters center was targeted by insurgent groups, which has killed at least 271 people around the country. In a new report released by UNAMA, it is said that the most deadly attack on voters registering center was in place in Dasht Barchi of Kabul which caused 198 death and injured civilians.

Tadamichi Yamamoto special representative of United Nations secretary general in Afghanistan says: “those people who went for registering their self for voting process is so respected persons to me, they used their rights according to Afghanistan constitution and Afghanistan future is more important to them rather than their lives.” This high ranking official of UNAMA has also said that attacks on voters registering center mean the attack on democracy in Afghanistan. He has also added that attacks on voting registering centers are disgusted.

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