Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG)

Reporter: Shaker Sangi

The Treasury Department of the United States has announced that the Trump administration has imposed new sanctions on Iran. “The sanctions are imposed on companies and individuals who are in Iran, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates and want to transfer cash to Iran in the amount of nearly 1 billion US dollars.” The newsletter of Treasury Department has stated.

The US Treasury Department claimed that these institutions and individuals were profiting nearly 1 billion dollars to the Revolutionary guards and Iran Defense ministry by year, according to Americans, these companies and individuals, were the most relied source of Iran’s revenue, which they always emphasized. According to the new sanctions list of US, several banks and Iranian Economic institutes are among this list, which includes to Ansar Bank, Atlas Money transfer, and Atlas of Iranians. It is said that several companies in the UAE have used this money to transport vehicles to Iran.

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