Kabul-Afghanistan (GSP):

The United States has decided to spend 1.8 billion US dollars to strengthen Afghanistan’s air force by purchasing of A29 light combat aircraft. According to the American media, this money will be spent according to the timetable set for 2019-2024. The country’s air forces are expected to acquire 25 lightweight wings in the next five years, a decision made by US officials as an Afghan Air Forces empowerment program.

Meanwhile, it has been said that a total of $ 18.88 billion will be spent in seven parts of the Afghan Air Force’s empowerment to give them the capability to fight against terrorism. At present, most of the military operations are carried out by 29 combat aircraft, which carry out air operations in most of the provinces. According to released reports by American agencies, the biggest challenge facing Afghanistan’s air force empowerment is the low level of literacy that has challenged the country’s air forces.

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