Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Report: Shershah Nawabi

US Ambassador to Afghanistan, John R. Bass has stated in his twitter that misuse and corruption in US equipment provide by American Taxpayers is a dishonor to Afghan-US fallen man and women. Mr. Bass has urged the government and Afghan politicians to solve their tensions politically. He has said: “The United States calls for calm in Mazar, #Balkh, and surrounding areas. Afghan security forces are tasked with protecting the #Afghan people, not fighting each other over political disputes. Green on green violence is unacceptable. The only ones who benefit from this violence are the Taliban.”

He also stressed that US and Afghanistan have stand shoulder to shoulder to build a bright future, fight terror, and we each have scared to honor our fallen heroes and citizens in everything we do. According to US Ambassador Twitter quote: “We call on the parties involved to quickly and peacefully resolve this dispute in a way that gives #Afghan citizen’s confidence in their leadership and strengthens security. Asserting authority by force of arms takes Afghanistan’s democracy backward. We call on leaders to tell military and police forces to stand down, and for political leaders on both sides of this dispute to put the #Afghan people first.”

US ambassador has also asked all the parties in Afghanistan, So do any #Afghans who put their personal or political interests ahead of the national interest and the opportunity right now to achieve the goal for which so many have sacrificed.

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