Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Air Force forces of US Army in Afghanistan have announced that at least 30 Taliban militants and several of their commanders have been killed since their air strike in Ghazni. According to the US Army Airforce division Newsletter, the operation was carried out two days ago in Nawa District, which resulted in the destruction of a base and quantity of ammunition of Taliban in Ghazni province.

In addition, the US military strike in Helmand has seriously damaged the Taliban bases and equipment’s, the newsletter also adds that during this two air strikes made by US forces the Taliban famous commanders in Ghazni, known as Hamidullah and Maulvi Haji Salman Akhndzadeh bases were completely destroyed. “The destruction of a large number of Taliban in a day is a live example of US-Afghan intelligence operations,” said Otto Lair, deputy commander of the US Special Operations Command.

Meanwhile, the Afghan president has announced that Afghanistan security and defense forces are willing to change their operation strategies the commando and military operations will be changed and the main goal of this decision is to stop military casualties, the presidency of the country has also said that they are serious for preventing the loss of the country’s security and defense forces.

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