Pasbanan- Kabul:

Gen. Joseph Vottel, commander of US forces in the Middle East, said: “While US commander and Resolute support mission in Afghanistan will change soon, but given the current advances in the Afghan war, there is no need for new changes in the US war strategy to be revealed in Afghanistan. Joseph Vottel said: “The purpose of the military, social and political pressure on the Taliban is to force the group to join the peace process, but we must remember that ISIS fighters are excluded from this and stay with them until their last soldier we will fight to eliminate this group completely.”

This American military commander emphasizes that General Scott Miller, the new commander of the US and Resolute support mission in Afghanistan, may take a series of tactical changes in the battlefields against the enemy. Mr. Vottel emphasizes that ISIS-k will never benefit from the Afghan government’s reconciliation plan. He adds: “In the recent weeks that followed, we witnessed the big ISIS group joining Afghan government, but I must say that this group will never be forgiven and will respond to the government of Afghanistan. At present, these fighters have been sent to prisons in Afghanistan, and American soldiers can fully investigate ISIS-K fighters. ”

This US military general spokes about accomplishment of the current military strategy in Afghanistan, that Taliban has now spread its attacks in most parts of the country. In addition, Gen. Joseph Vottel said: “When ISIS militants joined the Afghan security forces in large numbers in Jowzjan, from this point on, it can be said that the battle against this group has already been effective, but we are destroying it. He also added that we will never tolerate ISIS-K and the group will never retreat.


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