Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Report: Imran Khorasani

According to reports Us Military base was targeted by a missile attack in Bagram of Parwan province, reports show that last night several missiles were fired on this military base. According to Parwan officials: “around 9:00 pm, the Bagram Airfield was targeted by missile attacks,” said Abdul Wassay Rahimi, the security head of Parwan police command, affirmed the incident. “After the attacks, in response, Resolute Support Mission launched an air strike on the village of Qalandar Khil in Bagram district.”

The security head of Provincial Police Headquarters also adds: “There are no detailed details of the casualties that have arisen from this event so far, and so far no group has been responsible for the attack.” The attacks carried out on a US military base in Bagram It will be possible that the terrorists in Ramadan have increased their attacks throughout the country. “

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