Reporter: S. Mojtaba Sadat

The US Secretary of State, in a telephone conversation with President Ghani, has said that while maintaining a lasting peace in Afghanistan, the United States will continue to provide military assistance to the national unity government. The presidential palace newsletter said President Ghani had had a telephone conversation with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo yesterday, in which the two sides talked about continued co-operation, the peace process and the upcoming presidential elections. The US Secretary of State Mike Pumpeo quoted the statement as saying, “As long as there is a lasting peace, there will be a military alliance between Afghanistan and the United States. The United States of America supports peace talks within the Afghan government and expresses its support for holding presidential elections at the appointed time. ”

Meanwhile, president ghani thanked all US partners for the Afghan government and added: “Afghanistan appreciates US assistance to the country. We believe that the relationship between Afghanistan and the United States will be long-term and solid, and the government of national unity is determined to institutionalize its commitments. “

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