Pasbanan- Kabul:

While Pentagon is willing to change Black Hawk Choppers with MI-17 Russian aircraft, but in a recent case, US watchdog has concerned that these choppers are insufficient with Afghanistan geography. According to John F. Sopko, in the first stage, these helicopters are unable to fly in high ranges in the country and secondly, the Afghan air force technical crew has low literate of English to operate and maintain these air crafts.  He has also mentioned that Afghan air force is unable to use English manuals of these air crafts.

But Australian government has committed that they are looking to support Afghanistan Air force technical team in the maintenance of Black Hawk Choppers. Australian officials have announced that they will deploy several Aviation advisors to Afghanistan for supporting Afghan Airforce. Currently around 300 Australian military members are present in Afghanistan and they are training and assisting Afghan forces, in the Resolute Support mission framework.

Concerns on behalf of Afghan air force disability is raising in a time that US and Australian advisors believe that Afghan Air domain is the area that Afghanistan forces can beat the enemy. According to them, the Taliban are unable to beat the Afghan force in the air. Meanwhile, US has decided to increase Afghan Air force numbers around 40 percent. And in upcoming year’s Afghan air force will achieve more than 150 Black Hawk Helicopters from US military to fight against the enemy.


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