Pasbanan- Kabul:

The Department of State has said relationship between Donald Trump and Narendra Modi will expand India’s active role in Afghanistan. Spokeswomen for US State Department said at a news conference that Donald Tramp has a profound relationship with Narendra Modi, which strengthens India’s active presence in Afghanistan. Heather Norte adds, “President Trump has surely made a powerful relationship with Prime Minister Modi. I know Mr. Trump’s daughter Ivanka enjoyed a great presence in Hyderabad in 2017, and I believe that these relationships are very important and will be developed.”

Spokeswomen for the US State Department continue to add, “This is a good example of uniting the world. Countries that have never been together in the past now work together for a common goal. This is an example of how these things are done, and I believe that this will expand Indian activities in Afghanistan. ”

This is while the United States is struggling to exert further pressure on Pakistan to engage in a serious fight against terrorism. In the most recent case, the US Congress has decided to cut off its civilian assistance to Islamabad to exert pressure Pakistan.

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