Pasbanan- Kabul

Moscow and Tehran have repeatedly expressed concern about presence of ISIS militants in Afghanistan. The Russian President’s envoy to Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov, said: “We know how ISIS fighters enter Afghanistan.” In response to Mr. Kabulov remarks, US Department of State has said: “Washington has not transferred ISIS to Afghanistan, but its group has gone to other parts of the world.”

The US State Department spokeswoman Heather Norte told reporters: “It’s never so. We are testifying that ISIS has gone to other parts of the world. You see and hear reports about the terrorist attacks of this group in other countries. The secretary of state also spoke about the power of ISIS in Afghanistan and South-East Asia today. ”

But military intelligence officials say Moscow has serious evidence about transfer of ISIS militants to Afghanistan. Javid Kohestani, a military analyst said to Pasbanan: “Documents show that after defeat of ISIS militants in Syria and Iraq, Central Asian terrorists, especially Uyghur’s and Uzbeks, have come to Afghanistan. This is not a coincidence, but Russia’s track record has been confirmed on the border between Central Asian countries. Moscow is thinking that the leaders of Afghan government and NATO are involved in transfer of these insurgents from Syria and Iraq to Afghanistan. But the rejection of this issue by Washington is ambiguous and unclear. ”

In the latest case of the US-led airstrike in Jozjan, at least four Uzbek and Chinese fighters of ISIS were killed. which is believed to be the cause of increased tensions between Russia and the United States.

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