Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Report: Shershah Nawabi

A new nightmare for women right in Afghanistan, as the US and negotiates with the Taliban in terms of the political settlement in the country, now women rights seem to be in serious trouble in Afghanistan. Heather Barr senior researcher of Human rights watchdog raised her concern on wasting of 18 years achievements in an exclusive interview with Pasbanan. Ms. Barr stated: “This feels like a very risky moment for women’s rights in Afghanistan. Afghan women, like Afghan men, are desperate for relief from the decades of conflict they have endured. But there are increasing risks that their rights could be a casualty of a US-Taliban deal.”

According to Human rights watchdog senior researcher, it has become crystal clear that the US wants a deal and wants out, and will not let concerns over women’s rights or human rights more broadly—stand in the way of such a deal. Ms. Barr stressed: “Women’s rights activists have fought for over a decade for a role in peace negotiations, and they finally seemed to be making some progress when President Ashraf Ghani in November announced a government negotiating team that included three women. But even that gain seems at risk now for two reasons.”

She also highlights: “First, the government isn’t even at the table and it’s unclear when it will be, as bilateral US-Taliban talk’s move ahead without the government and second, US lead negotiator Zalmai Khalilzad is urging the Afghan government to start fresh in putting together a government negotiating team, and it’s far from clear that including women will be a priority for Khalilzad or Ghani this time around.”

Ms. Heather Barr has also said that so it’s kind of a nightmare scenario. A US official who doesn’t appear to care much about Afghan women’s rights, negotiating with the Taliban, who definitely still hold extreme misogynist views on women, over a deal with profound implications for the life and freedom of every Afghan woman and girl.



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