Kabul-Afghanistan (GSP):

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This morning, Kabul security forces deployed Afghan refugee schools and expelled teachers from these schools, as well as the use of military force as well as firefighters. Based on reports, eyewitnesses at the Afghan schoolgirl’s school said that around 8 am this morning, police blamed the police for the expulsion of teachers and then expelled all the students who were in the dormitory by force of the witnesses The event claims that several teachers of the school have been arrested by security forces.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education has published a newsletter that did not force the schools to evacuate. “There is no military attack on Afghan-Turkish schools, according to a memorandum between the Afghan and Turkish ministries of education, the Turkish-Turkish schools will be transferred to the Turkish Educational Foundation,” said Ministry of Education spokesman Nuria Nizheh Nejarabi. This process was completed in Herat, Mazar, Jawzjan and Kandahar provinces, and today successfully completed peacefully in three schools in Kabul and Bagrami districts. ”

Meanwhile, the Turkish embassy in Kabul has thanked the Afghan government for helping them evacuate the schools. The Turkish embassy wrote that four Afghan-Turkish schools had been peacefully transferred to the Turkish Educational Institution, and the Turkish government thanked the Afghan government for its evacuation.

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