Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammaddin Agharkhil

The Afghan National Security Advisor was speaking a few days ago among the “Loy Kandahar youth”. He had a lot of sayings about Afghanistan’s peace and war, but the coolest point about Mr. Moheb’s words was that he had cut off all salaries paid by the embassies at the Security Council. Hamdullah Moheb said: “We in the Security Council cut off all the foreign aid and projects that were subject to salaries or other expenses, we did not stop it because we did not need it, because of that, where the security policy of the country is designed, we do not need support of foreign embassies in such institution, because if this process continues than many questions would arises on our national sovereignty, it would questioned, if an employee gets his salary from foreign embassy so for he or she would be loyal. Since that we have cut off all the foreign aids for this institution.”

Mr. Moheb’s appearance revealed that, the former national security adviser was listening to foreign embassy orders, he has tried, in most cases, to convey external interests in Afghanistan’s internal affairs. Mr. Moheb added: “It appears that this commitment and loyalty will be multi-day if the employees of an important security institution would be loyal to their country, because one day, not one day, employees who receive payments from embassies they would provide their donors information, that’s why We cut all that money, because we believe that in the place where the peace and security of Afghanistan is discussed, the honor for this work is enough, so there was no need for external aid from foreign embassies.”

This issue raises the anger of the former adviser to the country’s national security adviser. Hanif Atmar, who is now preparing for the presidential elections in the country and known as one of Mohammed Ashraf Ghani’s most ardent rivals, has called for more clarity in a newsletter regarding this issue that Mr. Moheb has claimed. Mohammad Hanif Atmar spokesman Qadirshah has said: “National security adviser Mr. Hamdullah Moheb recently claimed that during the time of Hanif Atmar’s occupation some of the National Security Council staff were salvaged by embassies, so their loyalty to the government was questioned. These remarks, by Mr. Moheb, need to provide more information, and that which is completely wrong, people are deceitful and insult to the security forces of the country. We believe that the National Security Advisor’s action is irresponsible. ”

Mr. Qadirshah Shah has also emphasized that the national security adviser’s view of the questionable nature of the loyalty of the citizens of the country to the fundamentals of livelihood is precisely the insulting attitude of foreigners to the citizens of Afghanistan. He added: “We expect Mr. Moheb to explain his statements as soon as possible. If Mr. Moheb is still insisting on his recent point of view, we urge for a committee in order to clarify public opinion about the truth of this issue, we are asking for further consideration of this issue by an independent parliamentary, or citizens or probably a press investigation.”

Spokesman of Mohammad Hanif Atmar has also emphasized that this view of Mr. Moheb is an insulting point of view and it is due to his lack of experience, but insulting the security forces and employees of the National Security Council office, which Mr. Moheb has stated is unpardonably done. He added that all the salaries of the Afghan security forces are paid by the international community, and the statements of the national security adviser are inaccurate.

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