Pasbanan- Kabul:

General Abdul Rashid Dostum, the first vice president of the country returned a few hours ago to Afghanistan after 14 months of exile in Turkey. Mr. Dostom was speaking in his office, he pointed to arresting of Nezam-u-din Qaisari and said that detaining of Qaisari was unfair. Mr. Dostom also added: Nezam-u-din Qaisari was arrested according to wrong information and roomers and he was banned by the government.

Nezam-u-din Qaisari was a close commander of Abdul Rashid Dostum vice president of the country, he was arrested by commando forces and earlier he was transferred to Kabul. Meanwhile, after arresting of Qaisari he protests were launched in different parts of the country and these protests were continued for 20 days. At the same time spokesman of Junbish party has warned the government that if the government did not answer positively to their proposals, the protests will continue in the northern provinces of the country.

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